How an NSOS for embedded circuit boards can aid a technology refresh

How an NSOS for embedded circuit boards can aid a technology refresh

A tech refresh is a typical solution for updating critical elements of an electronic system to enable new capabilities or replace obsolete hardware. At any given time, most systems will have many obsolete items, some of which impact the system more than others. Circuit boards are one of those significant parts that tend to impact the system’s function and safety; and, as a result, can be challenging to replace or support. 

A new source of supply (NSOS) is an OEM authorized manufacturer, supplying circuit boards that are form, fit, and functionally the same as those of the original manufacturer. A NSOS can be a valuable solution during a tech refresh, providing support when a tech refresh is too expensive, will take a lot of time, or if the tech refresh is being caused by a few pieces of hardware that are causing the refresh.

1: Providing support for critical circuit boards.

A NSOS is a valuable solution during a tech refresh of a system with multiple obsolete components. Tech refreshes can become costly, especially for critical parts or components that significantly impact the overall system’s performance and capabilities, especially when the changes cause software changes or requalification. A NSOS can support the system’s essential circuit cards while the rest of the parts are refreshed. This helps maintain the critical parts of the system while refreshing the less problematic parts, providing a better ROI on the tech refresh with less cost and risk. 

2: Providing Bridge-buy service

A technology refresh or new product insertion can often take a lot of time to complete. You have to take many steps, such as identifying requirements, designing the new system, running the design through various reviews and validation, prototyping to production, and more. Mission critical, safety systems, and sensitive equipment typically requires extensive requalification of new systems and changes to them, making the time to deploy a new system at least a 2 year process and does not address immediate requirements.In situations like this, a NSOS bridges the gap in support until the technology refresh is achieved, and protects against the inevitable shift to the delivery of the new system. 

3. Providing support for an obsolete embedded board. 

Sometimes, a tech refresh is needed because a critical circuit board is unavailable. A NSOS can support that specific circuit board as a cost-effective alternative. This can save you massively on costs and lead times, and more importantly, for sensitive applications, it requires no requalification because the boards are Form-Fit-Functionally Equivalent and OEM-authorized. 

Final thoughts

Regardless of the situation, if you’re facing a technology refresh, consider chatting with a new source of supply like GDCA to see how you can save time, money, and effort.


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