The Telecommunications Industry

Creating proactive strategies to mitigate the impact of obsolescence on Telecommunications


Since 1987, GDCA has offered the knowledge, services, and products you need to resolve your obsolescence issues and remain competitive. There is no other company with more experience or expertise in this area.

As technology has advanced so has GDCA grown and developed, both as a manufacturer and service provider. We understand the full impact that obsolescence has had in the Telecommunications Industry.

The Challenge Defined

Because telecommunications are now indispensable to local and global society, exceptionally high standards for reliability and security of telecommunications systems are no longer aspirations…they are expectations!

This remarkable progress in industry technology has had, and will continue to have, a disruptive impact on telecommunications products and services providers, specifically the needs of a diminishing pool of customers who rely on older equipment.

The fact that these customers will eventually upgrade or migrate is inevitable; however, their experience with your obsolete products after you decide to end-of-life them will determine whether they stay with you, or consider changing suppliers.

The need for this flexibility and a diverse experience in managing obsolescence is only one of the reasons why manufacturers of Telecommunication applications have continued to rely on GDCA year after year.

The Telecommunications industry represents a single immense global system that is utilized in virtually every other technology sector in existence. And this demand will surely continue to grow.

In addition, the Telecommunications Industry has seen unparalleled technological growth, thus ensuring its central role in all other industries’ and countries’ infrastructures. From our ability to conduct business to improving the quality of people’s day to day lives, telecom products and systems play the lead part in making all this happen.

Fueled by persistent advances in electronics and computing, no other industry has seen as much technological advancement as rapid as the Telecommunications Industry. This increasing demand and technological advancement has created amazing opportunity…and a unique new challenge.

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