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InFlight Entertainment System

Customer: Rockwell Collins Inc
Application: In-flight Entertainment System
GDCA Product: Viper809 Circuit Card Assembly
Original Manufacturer: Kontron Corporation
Original End-of-Life: 2009

Rockwell Collins’ in-flight entertainment systems provide audio and video content to enhance the passenger experience: From overhead systems that deliver pre-programmed content to in-seat systems that allow passengers to select the video and/or audio entertainment options they want.

At the heart of a Rockwell Collins in-flight entertainment system is the Viper-809 computer motherboard. After the EOL notice on the Viper809 was announced, Rockwell Collins continued to get orders for systems and needed a source of steady, low volume production and continued support. They tapped GDCA to provide the BOM analysis and support of this legacy computer board to meet critical delivery deadlines.

Since 2010, GDCA has been the source of supply and repair for these boards to Rockwell Collins. We continue our commitment of being the best provider of long term product support and obsolescence management.

Rockwell Collins

We were faced with an obsolescence issue on our Programmable System Control Unit when our existing vendor was no longer able to manufacture this Viper809 CCA. Through the exceptional efforts of GDCA, Rockwell Collins did not experience any impact to deliveries of product to our customers.”

JD Pauly
Director, Single Aisle Programs

Measurement and Test Equipment

Customer: Anritsu Corporation
Application: Vector Network Analyzer
GDCA Product: VME 162PA-344SE
Original Manufacturer: Motorola Corporation
Original End-of-Life: 2004

Anritsu offers a complete range of test and measurement equipment for the optical communications industry including R&D, production, installation, monitoring, and manufacturing. Anritsu is a recognized leader in high-speed optical technology offerings and field test solutions.

In 2004, Anritsu was faced with a Last-Time-Buy notice for a key SBC in their Vector Network Analyzer. Rather than redesign and re-qualify new components, Anritsu was able to use GDCA to extend the supply and repair of the board to keep the production line moving.

Since 2005, GDCA has supplied Anritsu with the VME 162PA-344SE as well as a Product Support Assurance agreement to monitor the health of the board through the years.


Our customers depend on our test and measurement equipment and we depend on GDCA for their obsolescence management expertise. They have proven over the years that with some planning, you can work around obsolescence.”

Bernard Ressler
Director of Materials

Automated Test Systems

Customer: Lockheed Martin
Application: Automated Test Support
GDCA Product:
a) MVME162-512A
b) MVME162PA-344E
c) MVME162PA-344SE
Original Manufacturer: Motorola Corporation
Original End-of-Life: 2005

Since the Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) product release in 1990, Lockheed-Martin has worked hard to proactively track End-of-Life notices for the many COTS products in the system and determine ways to keep the system available for repairs and new build opportunities. Faced with EOL notices for the MVME162 family of Single Board Computers (SBCs) used in the system, Lockheed-Martin turned to GDCA for solutions.

CASS is the U. S. Navy’s standard automated test system used to test avionics on aircraft, ships, and shore-based weapons systems. With nearly half of the CASS system composed of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, CASS supports the diagnosis and repair of electronics for the U.S. Navy as well as nine other countries.

Since 2005, GDCA has been providing obsolescence management services for CASS’s SBCs. Utilizing our vast network and by proactively managing the health of this hardware, GDCA has become a key supplier and essential partner to the CASS PBL
sustainment program.

Lockheed Martin

LMGTL provides the Navy with a reliable test support platform and guaranteed operational performance levels as part of our CASS PBL program. By working with GDCA, we’ve been able to ensure availability and support for critical CASS computing components as well as extend the life of the product well into the future.”

Harley Bieber
Lockheed Martin CASS Program Manager

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