Automation & Robotics

Get the most from your long life cycle robotics and industrial automation equipment

Automation and Robotics

The Industrial Automation and Robotics industry continues to experience new opportunities for growth. In fact, this industry plays an increasingly critical role in both the global economy and in our daily experiences: Most notably how we produce goods.

In a time of shrinking resources and increasing demand, automation presents new opportunities for companies to stay competitive. And in an industry driven by the need for rapid innovation cycles and flexibility, supporting existing industrial applications takes a unique set of skills with an experienced eye on obsolescence management.

The Challenge of Maintaining Legacy Systems

Maintenance and diagnostics are critical to keep industrial equipment and robots performing according to their operating specifications. Indeed, ensuring up time becomes even more of a challenge when critical electronic components are no longer available – due to decreasing demand in the wider marketplace.

As systems age, the expected depletion of crucial components has far-reaching consequences, not the least of which is the task of finding the right parts. Furthermore, there are the growing realities of requalification testing, reliability and counterfeit components: all pose serious risks. At the very least, the quest for an obsolete part can intensify into an unanticipated, resource draining expense.

This is only one of the reasons why the Industrial Automation and Robotics industry has continued to rely on GDCA year after year.

Solutions for the Industrial Automation and Robotics Industry

As technology has advanced so has GDCA grown and developed, both as a manufacturer and service provider. We understand the full impact that legacy and obsolescence issues have had in the industrial automation and robotics industry.

As a result, GDCA can help you stretch your investment in legacy systems without the need to upgrade, revise software or re-qualify before you (and your customers) are ready.

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