Solutions to ensure the continuity and quality of Healthcare Technology with long life cycles

The Medical Industry

GDCA has grown and developed as both a manufacturer and service provider through our dedicated focus on understanding the full impact of the legacy and obsolescence situation on our medical manufacturing customers – and on the wider Medical Equipment industry.

As a result, GDCA can help you stretch your investment in medical applications without the need to upgrade, revise software or re-certify before you are ready.

The Challenge of Sustainability and Long-Life Cycles

Not only is there a mass of regulations with which to comply, but there are also countless engineering standards that speak to every stage of your product life cycle: design, manufacturing, use, maintenance and disposal.

Even the largest manufacturers are struggling to address the unique issues that longer-than-anticipated product life cycles have created.

Fulfilling customers’ support needs for older products can be difficult and expensive – and distracts your people in their mission to innovate.

This is only one of the reasons why the Medical Equipment manufacturing industry has continued to come to GDCA year after year.


Sustainability has become an important word in the language of our changing economy…and for good reason.

Without exception, manufacturers in the Medical Equipment industry are feeling the pressure to meet the ever-evolving demands of numerous regulations. Much of this pressure speaks to the longevity and unexpected success of products that have been so painstakingly designed to meet the most stringent standards.

Product lifecycle has taken on new meaning for medical manufacturers. To successfully compete in this highly-regulated market, you have developed an extremely advanced array of products that perform specific tasks with an accuracy that is unparalleled.

Quality and reliability are the pillars of the work that you do and no one understands this better than GDCA.


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