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Obsolescence management resources for the embedded supply chain

70 percent of the components used in a surface ship sonar system were obsolete—even before the first system was installed.

Wisdom is knowledge plus experience. GDCA understands that it is critical to sustain innovation in the embedded industry. While most people associate innovation with the design and development of new products, GDCA’s perspective is that implementing new approaches to legacy sustainment is just as innovative. We refer to this approach as Proactive Legacy Management (PLM+).

Throughout our 25 years, we’ve observed the sustainment dialogue grow and evolve over time with an increasing number of resources available to the embedded community. These resources have been crucial in shaping our innovative work in response to the supply chain gap caused by obsolescence.

True sustainment is more than component piece parts and obsolescence management. It’s utilizing the tools and resources available to keep the entire systems alive and well.

Obsolescence and DMSMS

The need to sustain critical technology is an industry-wide awareness. However, the defense industry’s unique requirement to support technology for many decades has driven this increase in significant work on obsolescence research and management.

Ask the Legacy Experts

For the past 25 years, the field of obsolescence management has grown and matured, and GDCA has evolved with it. As a result, we know firsthand the types of problems and issues that are typical of EOL, obsolescence, and true legacy sustainment. Because supporting long-lasting systems continues to be important for both commercial and Government sectors, we invite you to send us any questions you may have or browse some of the articles below:


Thought Leaders & Organizations

The more you work with GDCA, the more you’ll hear us talk about collaboration. This is because the best work often happens when groups of invested individuals come together to solve a problem. Industry organizations and associations provide a meeting place for such individuals to discuss, share, educate, and advance solutions and best practices.

Links and Articles

While we talk about sustaining older systems, no one wants to be stuck in the past. At the same time, Edmund Burke stated, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” We encourage our community to understand issues that affect obsolescence management as it is today along with those shaping embedded industry dialogues as a whole.

Supply Chain Issues


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