The Journey from obsolescence management to life cycle sustainment.

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Proactive management in all phases of a life cycle is crucial to avoid costly component replacements, ensure critical weapons system readiness, and reduce risks to warfighters.

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When it is understood that traditional obsolescence management itself often starts too late in a program’s life cycle, we see the need to address ongoing risk from a different angle.

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Critical Thoughts

5 Sustainment Questions Every Program Must Ask Itself

By GDCA | June 3, 2022

DoD Programs routinely face a backlog of open cases for parts that are unprocurable owing to obsolescence or DMSMS. Problematic parts range from bolts and valves to complex computer electronics. […]

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Notes from the Road (We’re Back, Baby!)

By Ethan Plotkin | June 3, 2022

Like most people, I haven’t been traveling much since early 2020, but over these past couple of years of pandemic-imposed video calls, I’ve become amazed at how quickly and naturally […]

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The Win-Lose Dilemma

By GDCA | February 18, 2022

All people face personal dilemmas during their lifetimes. Corporations, made up of people, face a fair number of professional dilemmas as well. Companies that produce embedded computer products are aware […]

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After the Funeral: Re-issuing Critical Products after EOL

February 7, 2022
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What do you do if a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product is at the end of its lifecycle and you aren’t ready? What do you do if the SBC […]

Viewpoint: Why obsolescence management processes are crucial to corporate strategy – Electronic Product Design & Test

February 1, 2021
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Legacy equipment & COTS obsolescence management expert, GDCA works closely with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to better understand & deal with the impact of low-performing older designs. Working with teams […]

A Strategy for Agility in 2021 – Embedded Computing Design

October 15, 2020
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As GDCA enters the last quarter of our fiscal year, and our third quarter of this pandemic, it’s time for us to start our FY21 planning process. The only thing […]


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