Who would imagine that getting rid of products can lead to increased revenue and profitability? Too often companies hold on to a product or product line way too long, sustainment costs rapidly increase, and the product soon becomes a burden to the bottom line. At Embedded Tech Trends 2020, Ethan reminds us that new behaviors that focus on proper product pruning can keep your product portfolios thriving.

We are proud to attend this gathering where the embedded computing industry’s thought leaders and journalists talk and share cutting-edge and innovative products that continue to make the industry stronger.

Ethan Plotkin at Embedded Tech Trends presents on Product Pruning

GDCA’s CEO Ethan Plotkin presented on how to remove lingering products that drain resources and drag down new product introduction (NPI) by strategically pruning products to an attentive and engaged crowd at the Embedded Tech Trends conference.

We look forward to another informative gathering next year.

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