Critical Thoughts

Natural Energy of Operations | Letter From The CEO

By Ethan Plotkin | November 16, 2022
Natural Energy

It’s that time of year again: annual operating planning. Hooray! Jokes aside, successful planning relies on how well everyone understands the leadership team’s vision and their role in making the […]

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Analysis Paralysis

By GDCA | November 16, 2022
Analysis paralysis

It is easy to understand the multiple pressures OEMs feel at the end of a product’s lifecycle when there is still customer demand. For customers who need more support for […]

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When ‘Just-in-Time’ Is Just Too Late: A New Approach to Managing Production

By GDCA | October 21, 2022

Until the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, just-in-time (JIT) inventory management strategy was considered to be among the most reliable business models for manufacturing everything from cell phones to […]

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Last Time Buy vs. Last Time Offering

By GDCA | August 4, 2022
Last Time Buy vs. Last Time Offering

A widespread practice among original equipment manufacturers (OEM) is the last time buy (LTB) event, which is usually a warning call to customers that a product is approaching its end […]

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5 Sustainment Questions Every Program Must Ask Itself

By GDCA | June 3, 2022

DoD Programs routinely face a backlog of open cases for parts that are unprocurable owing to obsolescence or DMSMS. Problematic parts range from bolts and valves to complex computer electronics. […]

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Notes from the Road (We’re Back, Baby!)

By Ethan Plotkin | June 3, 2022

Like most people, I haven’t been traveling much since early 2020, but over these past couple of years of pandemic-imposed video calls, I’ve become amazed at how quickly and naturally […]

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The Win-Lose Dilemma

By GDCA | February 18, 2022
road signs

All people face personal dilemmas during their lifetimes. Corporations, made up of people, face a fair number of professional dilemmas as well. Companies that produce embedded computer products are aware […]

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Winning the Battle but Losing the War

By Ethan Plotkin | February 18, 2022
winning battle

People may not know that Napoleon’s defeat at the hands of the Russian coalition was preceded by his capture of Moscow in 1812. Although that victory seemed decisive for him […]

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Do your legacy products spark joy?

By Ethan Plotkin | July 19, 2021
joy happy declutter

“We have too much stuff,” my wife said six months into the pandemic. We’d done purges before, but they never lasted. Soon afterward, she’d say, “We STILL have too much […]

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Wood Burning as Disposition for End-of-Life Products

By Tania Scroggie | June 19, 2021
new venture wood

Wood Burning as Disposition for End-of-Life Products I live on a ranch in northern California. This winter, we accounted for the dead oak trees and cleared them for the first […]

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