Critical Thoughts

Tania’s Teachable: Cautionary Tales from the Embedded Industry: The Cost of Ignoring Loyal Customers

By GDCA | May 1, 2024
embedded computer

New Episode Alert: Lessons from a Market Leader’s Misstep In our latest episode of “Tania’s Teachable,” we explore a compelling case study recently featured in EE Times Europe. The episode […]

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Just because you have the TDP doesn’t mean you can build the board

By GDCA | February 20, 2024
electronics obsolescence

Recently, one of the ways in which we’ve seen end-use customers try to combat electronics obsolescence is by getting the technical data (TDP) of the required  circuit board from the […]

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The New Kids on the Supply Chain Block

By GDCA | January 12, 2024

Electronics obsolescence causes far bigger shockwaves across supply chains than most people realize. The domino effect typically starts with the discontinuation of a component on the circuit board, and then […]

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Tania’s Teachable Discussions

By GDCA | December 26, 2023
Legacy Expert

A new video series for OEMs on the EOL cycle Legacy Expert Tania Scroggie of GDCA, Inc. presents a new series of short videos about end-of-life products and the strategies […]

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Obsolescence is a now problem–not a later one

By GDCA | December 15, 2023
Obsolescence manufacturers

A case study in what can go wrong Obsolescence is a critical issue in PCB manufacturers and their customers, and can be an expensive problem to deal with if not […]

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Proactive vs. Reactive: The Triage Approach to Electronics Obsolescence

By GDCA | October 20, 2023
Electronic Obsolescence

Product teams are often faced with multiple obsolete electronic circuit boards within their systems, parts that are currently obsolete and ones that are likely to become obsolete in the near […]

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How an NSOS for embedded circuit boards can aid a technology refresh

By GDCA | October 3, 2023
technology refresh

A tech refresh is a typical solution for updating critical elements of an electronic system to enable new capabilities or replace obsolete hardware. At any given time, most systems will […]

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How to Source Discontinued Embedded Boards

By GDCA | September 1, 2023
Discontinued Embedded Boards

Finding embedded circuit boards after the OEM has discontinued them can be challenging, especially if the board is several years old. However, there are several comprehensive steps that you can […]

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You Get What You Pay For

By GDCA | August 2, 2023
ITAR compliant

The value of working with an ITAR compliant company ITAR or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, is a vital set of regulations that control the export and import of […]

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The Value of a Sustainment Options Report (SOR)

By GDCA | June 12, 2023
sustainment options report

The Value of a Sustainment Options Report (SOR) GDCA is the leading industry provider of legacy manufacturing and obsolescence management services. We build new sources of supply for discontinued or […]

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