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GDCA Inc. and Radisys Strike Partnership to Indefinitely Extend the Life of Legacy Products

By GDCA | January 27, 2020

Press Release LIVERMORE, Calif. — Jan. 27, 2020 — GDCA INC. AND RADISYS EXTEND AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR END-OF-LIFE PRODUCTS GDCA Inc., a California-based company that specializes in equipment manufacturing of legacy embedded computer equipment, announced this week that it has extended its manufacturing license deal with Radisys, a leader in providing open telecom […]

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Manufacturing Marvels® visits GDCA

By GDCA | January 13, 2020

 Profiling American manufacturers, Manufacturing Marvels recently filmed on location at GDCA for an aired segment on Fox Business channel. GDCA is proud to be the industry leader in legacy equipment manufacturing and proactive obsolescence management services, ensuring America’s embedded longevity. We enjoy hosting vistors at our offices in Livermore, CA. The “Manufacturing Marvels” segment […]

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A Letter from the CEO – Blinded by the Top Line

By Ethan Plotkin | November 1, 2019

Perhaps you’ve heard the phase, “You get what you measure.” This is the reason we set up performance reports that reflect the things we want to achieve.  After all, if we’re not measuring it, how can we demonstrate whether or not we’re succeeding? It’s also true that, “You don’t always measure what you get.” This […]

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True Cost – An Introduction to Lifecycle Optimization

By GDCA | October 25, 2019

For embedded board OEMs, Lifecycle Optimization and your electronics product portfolio are an important part of profit and loss considerations when determining your business objectives. Aging products’ impact on ROI is regularly overlooked. Component obsolescence, manufacturing bottlenecks and increasing demands on operational resources create gaps that drag down new product introduction and can considerably slow […]

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Re-imagining Product Lifecycles: The Future of Obsolescence

By GDCA | August 10, 2019

Obsolescence is at the tail end of the product lifecycle, the portion that no one wants to deal with but is critical to mission readiness. Our CEO, Ethan Plotkin, knows the issues well. In his talk, he presents new ways to re-imagining solutions to dealing with the entire product lifecycle to better position for part […]

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Letter from the CEO – What the Customer Wants is Trust

By GDCA | July 22, 2019

What’s the difference between a customer/supplier relationship and a partnership? In a word: Trust. Sometimes it seems as if no one trusts anyone anymore, and it’s easy to see why. Most people involved in the embedded computing supply chain have a story to tell about some supplier who’s acted in a win–lose way, where it […]

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Why We Do It—GDCA’s Values and Legacy Embedded Systems

By GDCA | June 27, 2019

When it comes to proactive obsolescence management, no company is more trusted than GDCA in maintaining legacy embedded systems. Our core values combined with our commitment to our employees, our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners, and their customers create an environment of mutual trust for everyone. We have learned that the best way to keep […]

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How do you fulfill long-term demand for a system when you don’t have a long-term support contract?

By GDCA | May 15, 2019

Often, having a maintenance contract misleads Application OEMs and Prime Contractors into a false sense of long-term protection. When Primes are not privy to an accurate assessment of a system’s life cycle, gaps between the end of a contract and the continuing need for parts creates production and sustainment vulnerability. Reacting to these vulnerabilities adds […]

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Ethan Plotkin, CEO, Sits Down With Embedded Computing Design

By GDCA | April 15, 2019

Listen to “Five Minutes With…Ethan Plotkin, CEO, GDCA“, a podcast by Rich Nass of OpenSystems Media as he interviews embedded personalities. Obsolescence is something that many vendors dread. But fear not, help is out there. Just because a chip or a board is no longer available from your supplier, you may be able to find […]

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Don’t Let Your Old Designs Drag You Down

By Ethan Plotkin | March 25, 2019

Business leaders don’t like process exceptions, because they’re inefficient and require a lot of special intervention to resolve. They also don’t like to discontinue old product designs that still have a few customers, because these orders help them make their sales targets and avoid customer issues. That makes sense, right? Maybe not as much sense […]

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