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Recap: Sustainment Symposium 2020

By GDCA | March 10, 2021
group of people

The team here at GDCA has always looked forward to attending the DMSMS conference each December as a capstone to the year. It was a magical time when DMSMS wonks obsessed with DMSMS solutions and obsolescence […]

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Helping you keep your New Year’s resolution

By Ethan Plotkin | March 8, 2021
quit smoking

I used to be a cigarette smoker. Each New Year I resolved to stop smoking, and I’d stash my “last” half-pack of cigarettes deep inside a dark drawer. Months later, […]

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Interview: Are Obsolescence Management Processes Crucial to Corporate Strategy?

By Tania Scroggie | February 25, 2021
Holger Wussman interview

In the following Q&A format, Holger Wussman, chief executive officer for Kontron Electronics, an electronic manufacturer service provider, gave his feedback to Tania Scroggie for the article “Why Obsolescence Management […]

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Risks of Sourcing EOL’d Embedded Boards Outside the OEM

By GDCA | December 15, 2020
Stop risky business

There are a variety of issues to be faced when your embedded boards have reached end of life (EOL) or been discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Without a […]

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Are Obsolescence Management Processes Crucial to Corporate Strategy?

By Tania Scroggie | November 25, 2020
obsolescence management

Why Obsolescence Management Processes are Crucial to Support Corporate Strategy Since I began working at GDCA, I have had the opportunity to work closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to […]

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How to Find Discontinued Embedded Boards

By GDCA | November 10, 2020
discontinued embedded boards

The inevitable has finally arrived. An embedded board in your application has been discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Your company needs a critical embedded board, and revenue depends on […]

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What is a Second Source of Supply?

By GDCA | October 12, 2020

Working with a second source of supply is a favorable alternative in obsolescence management. Sanctioned by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with original IP, a second source of supply rebuilds […]

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How to Effectively Prune Your Embedded Product Portfolio

By Tania Scroggie | July 8, 2020
product pruning

In embedded computing, product pruning is the selective removal of certain products that no longer contribute to the health and growth of a company. Product families that are generating little […]

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Now’s the Time for Electronics OEMs to Shape Their Futures

By Ethan Plotkin | May 12, 2020

In view of the COVID-19 disruption and anticipated aftermath in the embedded electronics industry, computer board OEMs face an existential challenge right now: How do they best allocate their resources […]

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5 Actions Teams Must Implement Into Their COVID Response Right Now

By Ethan Plotkin | May 12, 2020
sustainment strategy

COVID-19 has changed the industry landscape in ways we are still trying to understand, and companies must respond—or be left in the dust. Although change is never easy, often the […]

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