• Product Pruning to Increase Revenue and Profitability

    Product Pruning to Increase Revenue and Profitability

    Who would imagine that getting rid of products can lead to increased revenue and profitability? Too often companies hold on to a product or product line way too long, sustainment costs rapidly increase, and the product soon becomes a burden to the bottom line. At Embedded Tech Trends 2020, Ethan reminds us that new behaviors […]

  • Manufacturing Marvels® Visits GDCA

    Manufacturing Marvels® Visits GDCA

     Profiling American manufacturers, Manufacturing Marvels recently filmed on location at GDCA for an aired segment on Fox Business channel. GDCA is proud to be the industry leader in legacy equipment manufacturing and proactive obsolescence management services, ensuring America’s embedded longevity. We enjoy hosting vistors at our offices in Livermore, CA. The “Manufacturing Marvels” segment […]

  • Re-imagining Product Lifecycles: The Future of Obsolescence

    Re-imagining Product Lifecycles: The Future of Obsolescence

    Obsolescence is at the tail end of the product lifecycle, the portion that no one wants to deal with but is critical to mission readiness. Our CEO, Ethan Plotkin, knows the issues well. In his talk, he presents new ways to re-imagining solutions to dealing with the entire product lifecycle to better position for part obsolescence.

  • Dealing with Obsolescence

    Dealing with Obsolescence

    Managing a Program is difficult – You worry about schedule, cost, and meeting the warfighter’s performance and readiness needs. The last thing you want is an obsolescence issue and you can’t buy what you need… But it happens! Obsolescence issues are inevitable and it doesn’t matter where you are at in the lifecycle.  On February 15, […]

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