Robin Brown ( DMSMS and Parts Management Program Manager for the Office of the Secretary of Defense) talks about the challenges the US Government faces in maintaining aging fleets. She goes on to describe the newest weapon in Program Managers’ lifecycle sustainment arsenal: DoD Instruction 4245.14 provides clear direction and expectations for maintaining a proactive DMSMS capability. Our next mission will be developing the metrics we need to measure our lifecycle sustainment performance.

Sustainment Symposium 2020 hosted by GDCA is a special virtual symposium focused on the journey from obsolescence management to legacy sustainment. In this symposium, we pull together leading minds across the DoD supply chain highlighting their relevant sustainment experiences and exploring what could happen when we begin to focus on sustainment as the objective.

Prior to joining the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO), Ms. Brown was the NAVAIR DMSMS Lead and established a core centralized Team for NAVAIR which won the DoD DMSMS Team of the Year in 2014 and 2015 and helped NAVAIR avoid spending over $1 billion dollars by managing DMSMS proactively.

She continues to empower the Services to succeed by being their Champion in DMSMS and Parts Management.


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