Ethan Plotkin (CEO, GDCA) introduces the concept of “affordable readiness” as the goal of lifecycle sustainment. By using a combination of traditional obsolescence and program management tools, programs can achieve permanent solutions, instead of short term band-aids – thus greatly reducing the total-cost-of-ownership for long-life systems.

Sustainment Symposium 2020 hosted by GDCA is a special virtual symposium focused on the journey from obsolescence management to legacy sustainment. In this symposium, we pull together leading minds across the DoD supply chain highlighting their relevant sustainment experiences and exploring what could happen when we begin to focus on sustainment as the objective

Ethan has a reputation for concisely summarizing the challenges programs face around legacy and then tailoring the solution accordingly. When working with GDCA’s industry partners and clients, he takes the time to directly address program requirements and implement decisive action modeled on a clear plan and accountability measures. His business philosophy is shaped by the understanding that to solve a problem, one must overcome more than superficial difficulties by addressing the issues at its core.

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