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Letter from the CEO

Helping you keep your New Year’s resolution

I used to be a cigarette smoker.

Each New Year I resolved to stop smoking, and I’d stash my “last” half-pack of cigarettes deep inside a dark drawer. Months later, when I felt I needed just one cigarette, I’d retrieve the pack and start smoking again.

For a long time I tried nicotine-replacement therapies: patches, gum, and even acupuncture. But I found that none of them worked because nicotine addiction wasn’t my problem. It was fear—


Critical Thought

Are Obsolescence Management Processes Crucial to Corporate Strategy?

COVID-19 has changed the industry landscape in ways we are still trying to understand, and companies must respond—or be left in the dust. Although change is never easy, often the hardest part is deciding to reevaluate what we think we know.

Here are a few concrete sustainment strategies that can help OEMs and teams succeed:


Critical Thought
Sustainment Symposium

GDCA is a legacy equipment manufacturer (LEM), and although we never host conferences, we do specialize in crafting legacy product lifecycle solutions. Thus, the Sustainment Symposium was born. 

In the last few years, the work around DMSMS solution-finding has solidified into the idea of focusing our efforts on sustainment as opposed to obsolescence management. Because that is what we’re all about and what we want to study and discuss, “sustainment”.


What You’ve Missed

CEO to CEO with Chris Peters

CEOs Chris Peters (U.S. Partnership for Assured Electronics) and Ethan Plotkin (GDCA) sit down to discuss how to make the shift from obsolescence management to life cycle sustainment for the defense electronics supply chain. Watch the video.

A Strategy for Agility in 2021 – Embedded Computing Design

As GDCA enters the last quarter of our fiscal year, and our third quarter of this pandemic, it's time for us to start our FY21 planning process.

Like most other companies, this is the time we reflect on performance against current year goals, assess the outlook for the coming year, and adjust the course for our enterprise. Read the full article

Learning to Let It Go: Obsolescence Management and an OEM Tale of Woe

In this podcast, we dive deep into the world of long-term product sustainment practices and obsolescence management. Tania Scroggie (GDCA) joins EEJournal to discuss the challenges of older designs in today’s OEMs, the delicate balance between sales and obsolete inventory, and how we can best evaluate product end of life. Listen to the podcast

Save the Date (Upcoming Appearances)

GDCA continues to create meaningful relationships around the proactive sustainment of embedded products that are critical to readiness, featuring new perspectives to better understand requirements and hot topics covering the entire acquisition life cycle.

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