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Counterfeit Components: More than parts — it is about people

By GDCA | June 26, 2013

With the dialog about counterfeits in the supply chain, it is easy to lose track of what counterfeits actually mean.  Yes, they will hurt your business. Yes, they can lead to heavy penalties and jail time, but counterfeits can also lead to jeopardizing lives; a risk that could otherwise have been avoided. I am always […]

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COTS: A “reactive” good idea (continued)

By GDCA | June 11, 2013

To answer the question, we need to look at the issues of innovation from a different angle; namely economics and markets. Free markets are a wonderful concept as long as the motivation and incentives are aligned in the right way for all the players in order to achieve the set objective. So let us look […]

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COTS: A “reactive” good idea

By GDCA | May 29, 2013

Following a directive from the US military in the early 1990s, the defense industry made a shift from using custom embedded electronic components made to military specifications to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components.  Since the overall share of the DoD as a consumer was expected to shrink over time, this move to reduce costs took a practical […]

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Refurbished Boards: What works today may not be reliable tomorrow

By GDCA | May 15, 2013

Saying that something is “good enough for government work” is often meant as a joke and the reference implies “mediocre work.” The irony is that “government work” is often highly sophisticated; systems are designed and engineered to operate in the most extreme environmental conditions for a very long period of time. I recently had the […]

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ERAI Executive Conference: Gaining Momentum in the Fight against Counterfeits

By GDCA | April 23, 2013

Managing components at risk of going EOL requires proactive planning. If this vital step is not implemented, critical systems run into increased risk of exposure to counterfeits. Two topics that program managers never want to hear about are counterfeit components, and end-of-life (EOL).  While it is possible to come across counterfeit components on active products, […]

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Sometimes Obsolescence is a Good Thing

By GDCA | April 9, 2013

Throughout my work with GDCA and all the issues around obsolescence, I have never come across someone who believes that obsolescence is something to be celebrated and welcomed.  Everything associated with obsolescence is considered something to be avoided. The concept of planned obsolescence brings with it connotations of either designing a product to wear out […]

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Will sequestration increase the risk of counterfeit components in the supply chain?

By GDCA | March 19, 2013

Between Section 818 in the NDAA FY12 and the NDAA FY13 Amendment, the defense industry is highly aware of the risks of counterfeit components in the supply chain.  As a rule, logistics teams know not to purchase parts off EBay but from authorized sources, or purchase directly from the manufacturer.  They know about the SAE […]

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Looking at Legacy: Proactively managing the risk of counterfeit components

By GDCA | March 5, 2013
Managing DMSMS

In general, defense sustainment and counterfeit avoidance has been left to DMSMS teams and logistics or engineering tactics.  However, so far the solution has primarily been to develop standards, authentication and anti-counterfeit technologies.  These responses have been critical, but have largely remained reactive and have not produced the dynamic collaboration crucial to maintaining a healthy, […]

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The Risks of EOL: Lifetime Buy in “real world” terms

By GDCA | February 6, 2013

In the past we’ve talked about the challenges of Last-time Buy and overstock.  In Dr. Sandborn’s CALCE Obsolescence Management training, this question illustrates the challenges and risks in regards to what customers can face, at the time of EOL.  The answer might be easy if you were looking at a “bridge buy”, where you only […]

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GDCA’s Obsoletism: The EOL "Time Bomb"

By GDCA | January 23, 2013
Obsoleteism EOL Time Bomb

How End-of-Life sometimes feels…

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