GDCA Trivia Challenge Winners!

GDCA Trivia Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

There once was a winner of quizzes
With answers and not many misses.
When claiming their gift, they said, “Which is it?”
“Oh look! What a great iPod this is”

(OK…ok… we are obviously much better at managing obsolescence than writing limericks*).

While most people think of birthdays and anniversaries as time to get gifts, on our 25th Anniversary we felt it was a great time to reach out and share the fun with our community. That being the case, we decided to put together a trivia challenge for everyone to enjoy, with prizes. And, we’d like to be the first to congratulate the winners on their brand new iPod named Marge…though they may choose to rename it.

Either way, we hope they have many great adventures together, just send us a postcard and let us know all the great places you go (the marketing industry calls this “crowd sourcing”)

Thank you, everyone, for taking our quiz, and we look forward to more adventures together!

The GDCA Team


* No poets were harmed in the writing of the above limerick. We cannot attest to the reading of the limerick though.

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