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Original Manufacturer Original Manufacturer Model Number Part Description NSN # GDCA Part Number
ZX-905 Prototyping Card ZZ02766
ZX-564 6 Channel SBX Module Board ZZ02757
ZX-572 72 Parallel I/O Card w/ Controller ZZ02758
ZX-611 Extender Card ZZ02759
ZX-655B 9 Slot Chassis ZZ02760
ZX-660B 9 Slot Chassis ZZ02761
ZX-765 Dual Floppy Drive Board and Computer ZZ02762
ZX-80/15A 8088 Based SBC ZZ02763
ZX-80/24A 8085 Based SBC ZZ02764
ZX-86/05A 8086 Based SBC ZZ02765
ZX-560 72 Line Parallel I/O Board ZZ02756
ZX-906B Bus Display ZZ02767
ZX-907 Bus Tracer ZZ02768
ZX-920 9 Slot Table Top/Rackmount System Enclosure ZZ02769
ZX-960 9 Slot Desk Top/Rackmount System Chassis ZZ02770
ZX-980 16 Slot Industrial System Enclosure ZZ02771
ZX-981 16 Slot Industrail Rackmount system Enclosure ZZ02772
ZX-1000 Video Controller ZZ02773
ZX-KBD Industrialized Keyboard and Drawer ZZ02774
ZX-RMVGA Industrialized Rackmount Monitor Series ZZ02775
ZX-186/30 186 Based Single Board Computer ZZ02747
Model 94/136 RMX-86 Compatible Microcomputer ZZ02738
RMX-860 RMX-860 Utilities package, including ED, Link, Loc, Lib, Mac and ASM ZZ02739
RMX-862 Fortran 86 Compiler ZZ02740
RMX-862 Fortran 86 Compiler ZZ02741
RMX-863 RMX-863 PL/M-86 Compiler ZZ02742
RMX-864 RMX-864 Screen Editor (TX) ZZ02743
ZX-056N DRAM Board ZZ02744
ZX-028 DRAM Board ZZ02745
ZX-091 1-4MB SRAM Memory Board ZZ02746
Model 94/136 CP/M-86 Compatible Microcomputer ZZ02737
ZX-208b Floppy Disk Controller ZZ02748
ZX-209 Floppy Disk Controller w/ Cash ZZ02749
ZX-286/AT-R1 286 Base AT Compatible SBC ZZ02750
ZX-286/20 286 Base SBC ZZ02751
ZX-386 386 Base SBC ZZ02752
ZX-515 5 Port Serial I/O Board ZZ02753
ZX-524 Analog I/O Converter Board ZZ02754
ZX-532 Multi-I/O Boards ZZ02755
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