Critical Thoughts

Counterfeit Mitigation: The Trouble with “Tagging”

By GDCA | August 21, 2013

When the subject of counterfeit mitigation and avoidance comes up you generally find a couple of areas that people focus on: standards, test/inspection, and tagging. Tagging can involve many things, […]

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Are PCs becoming obsolete?

By GDCA | August 7, 2013

Recently on NPR I heard that PC sales have hit a record low.  With the growing touch screen market, even Windows is focusing their innovation and development on the tablet […]

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CALCE Counterfeit avoidance: Tags won’t fix the supply chain issue

By GDCA | July 24, 2013
Shipping Containers

When it comes to avoiding counterfeit components, the CALCE and SMTA “Counterfeit East” symposium at the University of Maryland, College Park is a conference we look forward to attending.  Counterfeit […]

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Arrow ACT Masters: An Environment of Innovation

By GDCA | July 10, 2013

GDCA enjoyed the privilege of being a part of this year’s Arrow Electronics ACT Masters 2013 in Denver CO.  Arrow’s technical sales force was trained in a centralized fashion while […]

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Counterfeit Components: More than parts — it is about people

By GDCA | June 26, 2013

With the dialog about counterfeits in the supply chain, it is easy to lose track of what counterfeits actually mean.  Yes, they will hurt your business. Yes, they can lead […]

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COTS: A “reactive” good idea (continued)

By GDCA | June 11, 2013

To answer the question, we need to look at the issues of innovation from a different angle; namely economics and markets. Free markets are a wonderful concept as long as […]

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COTS: A “reactive” good idea

By GDCA | May 29, 2013

Following a directive from the US military in the early 1990s, the defense industry made a shift from using custom embedded electronic components made to military specifications to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) […]

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Refurbished Boards: What works today may not be reliable tomorrow

By GDCA | May 15, 2013

Saying that something is “good enough for government work” is often meant as a joke and the reference implies “mediocre work.” The irony is that “government work” is often highly […]

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ERAI Executive Conference: Gaining Momentum in the Fight against Counterfeits

By GDCA | April 23, 2013

Managing components at risk of going EOL requires proactive planning. If this vital step is not implemented, critical systems run into increased risk of exposure to counterfeits. Two topics that […]

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Sometimes Obsolescence is a Good Thing

By GDCA | April 9, 2013

Throughout my work with GDCA and all the issues around obsolescence, I have never come across someone who believes that obsolescence is something to be celebrated and welcomed.  Everything associated […]

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