Four obsolescence management myths that kill defense programs – Millitary Embedded Systems

In the face of relentless budget cuts, defense programs face system life cycles lasting longer than originally anticipated. By the time a ship or plane is decommissioned, it has often been in use decades beyond its original life expectancy. When warfighter programs are affected by aging, unreliable products, or lack of funding for spare boards […]

Building an Integrated Supply Chain to Prevent Counterfeit Components

Industry leaders address the issue of counterfeit components at 2013 ERAI Executive Conference. Livermore, CA, April 09, 2013 — As systems age, component sourcing becomes more difficult and increases the risk of counterfeit components in legacy systems. IHS’s Director of Global Supply Chain, Rory King, illustrated that more than 50% of counterfeit component incidents are […]

Obsolete components: What is the COTS life cycle costing you? – Millitary Embedded Systems

Now more than ever, long-lasting embedded systems require proactive obsolescence management. Because of growing legislative and environmental requirements and shrinking budgets, program managers and sustainment teams are forced to take another look at COTS end-of-life-cycle costs – and how to avoid them. A proactive obsolescence management solution is the key.

680 Business Journal – GDCA thrives on obsolescence

GDCA thrives on obsolescence By Loralee Stevens, Staff Reporter LIVERMORE – Shrinking technology cycles are swelling the product Lines of GD California, a supporter of legacy computer components. Despite losing 40%- 60% of its business each year as customers migrate to new products, the company has quietly trebled its revenues since 1996 and continues to […]

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