Viewpoint: Why obsolescence management processes are crucial to corporate strategy – Electronic Product Design & Test

Legacy equipment & COTS obsolescence management expert, GDCA works closely with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to better understand & deal with the impact of low-performing older designs. Working with teams throughout these companies has highlighted just how common it is for each department to be pulling resolutely in their own direction. In many respects, this […]

A Strategy for Agility in 2021 – Embedded Computing Design

As GDCA enters the last quarter of our fiscal year, and our third quarter of this pandemic, it’s time for us to start our FY21 planning process. The only thing it seems we can predict with any level of certainty is that things will continue to be unpredictable. Therefore, I’ve been thinking a lot more […]

True cost: Obsolescence can mean millions – Millitary Embedded Systems

Dealing with military users who still want obsolete products is not a new problem for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who make more revenue on the latest products as users migrate away from mature products to faster, better versions. However, people don’t always jump quickly to the next revision because they can’t upgrade an entire system […]

Sustaining during uncertainty…

To Our GDCA Family, Customers and Partners: As we continue to navigate these deeply challenging times, we are reminded of our commitment to serve our customers, support our employees, and reassure our community. On March 16th, the California state and local authorities issued a mandatory “shelter-in place” order for the San Francisco Bay Area to […]

Embedded legacy obsolescence: Obscuring the truth and the bottom line – PICMG Magazine

Starting in the late 1980s, the embedded industry started to see a change in electronic product life cycles. Before that time, computing technology was primarily commercial and capital equipment had long introduction phases. Today, however, consumer demand for electronic products drives component manufacturers toward a quick-to-market life cycle. Balancing new product introduction and legacy product […]

GDCA Inc. and Radisys Strike Partnership to Indefinitely Extend the Life of Legacy Products

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Jan. 27, 2020 — GDCA INC. AND RADISYS EXTEND AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR END-OF-LIFE PRODUCTS GDCA Inc., a California-based company that specializes in equipment manufacturing of legacy embedded computer equipment, announced this week that it has extended its manufacturing license deal with Radisys, a leader in providing open telecom and compute solutions […]

GDCA Inc. and Abaco Systems Strike Deal to Avoid Embedded EOL for Customers

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Feb. 6, 2019 — GDCA Inc., a California-based company that specializes in manufacturing obsolete embedded computer equipment, announced this week that it has joined forces with Abaco Systems, a leader in the electronics systems industry. Together, the companies have completed an initial transfer of 13 product lines from Abaco to GDCA. This […]

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