Welcome to Office Hours

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month - 4:00PM Eastern / 1:00PM Pacific

GDCA is excited to introduce regular open office hours. A dedicated time and space where we can discuss virtually anything. Well, anything that pertains to obsolescence and sustainment.

Everyone agrees that we need to be solution-focused in order to achieve lifecycle sustainment for critical systems, but what does that actually look like?

To celebrate the the success and feedback garnered from the DMSMS Sustainment Symposium, and to show our appreciation to all the attendees that participated, this month's community discussion will highlight DMSMS solutions.

If you'd like to stay plugged in... don't forget to sign-up and drop in. We'll make sure to send you the link.

Office hours is open every 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific.

Log on. Join the community.

- The GDCA Team

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