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Original Manufacturer Original Manufacturer Model Number Part Description NSN # GDCA Part Number
DS35-CAN-SC-2GB-WP-S/E DS3500 2GB canister, write protect, s/e (p/n 01036794) ZZ01509
DS35-CAN-SC-2GB-WP-DEFF DS3500 2GB canister, write protect, narrow diff (p/n 01036847) ZZ01508
DS3500-SE-SC-8MM DS3500 chassis w/8mm tape, scsi s/e (p/n 01037002-001) ZZ01507
DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM-CD DS3500 chassis w/8mm tape & cd rom, scsi diff (p/n 01036846-001) ZZ01506
DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM DS3500 chassis w/8mm tape, scsi diff (p/n 01036845-001) ZZ01505
DS3500-DIFF-SC DS3500 chassis, scsi diff (p/n 01037000-001) ZZ01504
01036725-001 DS3500 chassis with 1/4 tape drive ZZ01503
001100643-000 DS3500 chassis with 8mm tape drive & CD Rom (Type 2) ZZ01502
001100642-000 DS3500 chassis with 8mm tape drive (Type 1) ZZ01501
001100619-000 DS3500 4GB wide diff canister ZZ01500
71000296 Differential Terminator ZZ01498
1037424 DS3500 2GB canister, write protect, wide diff (p/n 01037424) ZZ01496
DS3500-SE-SC-8MM DS3500-SE-SC-8MM 0817002
DS35CAN-2-W-D-W DS35-SC-2GB-WP-68P 0817424
DS3500-DIFF-SC DS3500-DIFF-SC 0817000
DS3500-SD DS3500-SD 0816907
DS35CAN-2-W-D-N DS35-SC-2GB-WP-NAR DIFF 0816847
DS35CHS-8N-CD-D DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM-CD -/C0 0816846
DS35CHS-8N-X-D DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM -/C1 0816845
DS35CAN-0-W-X-N DS35-SC-WP-S/E,W/O HD 0816795
DS35CAN-2-W-S-N DS35-SC-2GB-WP-S/E 0816794
DS35-SC-525-BH DS35-SC-525-BH -/C0 0816750
DS35- -WD (W/O DISK DR) DS35- -WD (W/O DISK DR) 0810618
DS3500-SC-BH DS3500-SC-BH -/C0 0816749
DS35CHS-1Q-NC-D D3500-SD 0816725
DS35CHS-8MM-CD-D DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM-CD 0810643
DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM DS3500-DIFF-SC-8MM 0810642
DS35CAN-4-W-D-W DS35-SG-WD -/C0 0810619
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