A New Customer Orientation

Welcome GDCA!

Most of you are probably here because you’re a new customer and you’re wondering:“what does this transfer mean to me”, and most importantly, how can I continue to get the boards I need well into the future?

Fighter Planes

GDCA’s new customer webinars are geared towards giving you the information you need to ensure availability of the designs you've come to rely on.

In this webinar I'll show you how to to fix the supply chain for circuit card assemblies, or embedded boards, recently transferred to GDCA by your original equipment manufacture (OEM).

GDCA is the leading legacy equipment manufacturer of legacy embedded products.


Tamika Petty
Customer Sustainment Specialist
GDCA, Inc.

In her work with GDCA, Tamika helps new customers negotiate the work required to secure availability of legacy products and designs for as long as they’re needed. Whether it’s for 5 or 20+ years, Tamika has been able to help customers secure the lifecycle sustainment solutions that fix the supply chain, and get customers back to business as usual.

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