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Embedded World 2018

See you in Germany! For years now the embedded world..

Embedded World 2018

See you in Germany!

For years now the embedded world Conference has been the equivalent of a transfer of knowledge par excellence, as the meeting place of the most innovative embedded systems developers from all over the world, and at the same time the biggest European conference devoted to embedded systems development. Here, all the major topics and themes in and around embedded systems development are presented in papers, enlarged upon and discussed in classes. What you get to hear is solution-oriented throughout, directly supporting the activities and focus of embedded systems developers.

The success of the embedded world Conference bases on direct participation by a whole community — hardware and software designers of a segment that’s virtually unequalled in creating innovative ideas for countless applications. Conference content, solicitously selected by an international jury, guarantees the necessary balance of knowledge and annual unfolding and analysis of the latest developments and trends. But what’s special about the embedded world Conference is that contributions are consistently solution-oriented, of great value and directly aiding both single participants and in fact the whole segment in what confronts them daily.

The embedded world Conference was always on the spot when new ideas and solutions were forged and emerged: the introduction of multicore processors in embedded applications for instance, the triumphant advance of new microcomputer architectures, new wireless communication standards, the introduction of new programming languages and technologies, plus the new test and verification methods that subsequently resulted. Of late we’ve seen the appearance of more important topics that mean enormous challenges for designers and developers of embedded system hardware and software. Over the last years functional safety as well as security have been focal points of the conference schedule.

In 2018 too, the embedded world Conference will again span the entire spectrum of hardware, software and tools for the development of embedded systems. A keynote of this year’s conference being “Embedded goes autonomous”. From a wide range of sensors and all the way to embedded vision, systems are increasingly becoming aware of their environment, making independent decisions and using actuators to engage with the world around them. For these systems to be applied, technical logic must be further developed in such a way that complex decision-making is possible.

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